Our concert roofs and stages provide the best options for your events. Our concert roofs offer larger weight bearing capabilities than those of other staging suppliers. We have provided stages for events such as the Billy Graham Crusades, to festivals such as Bonnaroo, Stagecoach, Coachella, and Mile High Music Festivals; as well as for artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, The Eagles, Green Day, Eminem, Kiss, and many more!

We offer bleachers for all types of needs. Bleacher applications include golf tournaments, major parades, concert events and special events. We also provide bleachers for all types of sporting events from bowling to extreme sports. Our bleachers are built strong and sturdy and come in a variety of styles.

You can trust that our scaffolding is built to superior specifications. We offer scaffolds that can support great weights and that can be customized to your construction industry needs. We provide scaffolding for the industrial, construction, and entertainment industries.

 "Only a handful of companies have continuously perfected the business models they have defined over years. One such standout company is Brown United. In their constant pursuit of higher standards they have created added value for both their new and their long time clients.

Doing one thing and doing it well is the traditional path to serving clients and for good reason: success lies in attention to details. Brown United plays to this strength by faultless and farsighted planning of each and every project they take on. To John Brown, a commitment to quality and personal customer service is Job #1, Moreover, Brown continues a long family tradition of focusing on client concerns, technological innovation, and product safety. Over the decades, on thousands of projects and shows the Brown name has stood for, and their family of companies have consistently delivered satisfaction on quality, timeliness, and final price.

Finding the rare company that has depth of inventory, financial solvency, long term experienced personnel, and maintains personal oversight to guarantee a positive result is the crucial element in making a successful "green light" decision."

~Patrick Stansfield ~ Legendary Production Manager



John Brown and Brown United engage the services of Weather Decision Technologies in the interest of life safety.

Keeping their crews and those attending their events informed and protected with the help of the advanced technologies available through WDT. If you're a decision maker producing outdoor events enlisting the services of a private meteorological service is just plain smart.