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August 2, 2015 (Scottsdale, AZ) - Event Safety Alliance, a nonprofit safety trade organization serving the needs of the live event industry, is honored to welcome Brown United to our family of sponsors. A leading provider of structural products and services to the Entertainment, Sports, Special Event and Corporate industries, Brown United is affirming their commitment to ensuring safe events worldwide through their premier, diamond-level sponsorship of the ESA. Diamond Sponsor designation is allocated to those organizations with annual contributions in excess of $50,000.

“Industry support is vital to keeping the ESA’s message of “Life Safety First “ alive,” said Brown United founder and CEO John Brown. "The Event Safety Alliance is an industry must, and Brown United is proud to help drive the mission forward.”

"John Brown has been a vocal advocate of the ESA from the very beginning, and we're humbled by his generous contribution to the cause," stated ESA founder Jim Digby. "Brown United's sponsorship will help the ESA secure vital resources needed to continue expanding our training initiatives, guidance development, and global outreach. Safety has long been a priority at Brown, and their support of the ESA is yet another testament to that fact."

Brown, one of the founding members of the Event Safety Alliance, echoed Digby’s sentiments. “We all should strive to perfect our safety practices, and the ESA is the best asset we all have to help us achieve that end. With Don Cooper’s appointment as the ESA's new Executive Director, we now have an experienced and dedicated administrator guiding the organization full-time. Brown United challenges the entire industry to get involved and support the activities that will be needed to continue the efforts planned by this extraordinary organization in the coming years.”

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with the Event Safety Alliance, visit https://eventsafetyalliance.org/sponsorship/ , or email info@eventsafetyalliance.org .

About Brown United:

Brown United is dedicated to providing the best available structural products and services to the Entertainment, Sports, Special Event and Corporate industries through research and development of new products and thorough training of talented and motivated personnel. Major clients include Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Phish, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Coachella, Rock in Rio, The CMA Country Music Festival, ESPN, Red Bull, State Farm, Disney Worldwide, and Wheel of Fortune to name a few. Many project structures are customized in order to meet client's needs, and Brown United builds structures almost anywhere, in almost any condition. Visit http://brownunited.com for information.

About John Brown:

John Brown has shared a stage with the likes of Elton John, Garth Brooks and Billy Graham, but he's not an evangelist or a professional musician. Nevertheless, those celebrities and many others have stood on stages designed and maintained by his company, Brown United.
Brown got his start at the age of 14 when he went to work for his father’s scaffolding business. It was this, along with his touring experience with Rolling Stones and the Eagles in 1977 that he was sold on making a career of the temporary structure industry. John Brown started Brown United when he was just 17 years of age, and since then he has been credited with overseeing the 4 largest concerts in North American History, as well as 1000s of events worldwide.


About Event Safety Alliance:

Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting and supporting “life safety first” during all phases of live event production. Through the dissemination of preparedness information, the development of planning & training resources, and the creation of software safety resources, the Event Safety Alliance strives to eliminate knowledge and awareness barriers that often contribute to unsafe conditions and behaviors. For additional information, visit www.eventsafetyalliance.org.


The New ESA Website Is Now Live


The Event Safety Alliance is excited to announce a significant upgrade to their online presence. Based upon user feedback, the ESA website as been completely re-designed to improve user experience and allow for easier access to the latest information and resources. They've added several new features to the site, including a listing of upcoming industry events and an Alliance-managed blog. Most significantly, the improved site now tracks updates to the Event Safety Guide, so users can be sure they're referencing the most current information available. The current update of the Event Safety Guide includes the highly anticipated chapter on Rigging for public review and comment., Please download the latest version and send up your feedback before the August 5th deadline for public review.

Visit the new site at http://www.eventsafetyalliance.org/ . Your suggestions for improving the web site and guide are always welcome and appreciated.

As part of this upgrade, the login procedure for the website has been simplified. Your username is now the email address you used to register; your temporary password is pass123, which you should update the first time you login. Please take a moment to update your profile, which will help ESA send updates to the correct sectors of the industry.

The ESA thanks you for your continued support in helping to advance greater safety awareness within the event production industry.

Join the Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance is a group of entertainment industry leaders gathered to address the immediate need for universal safety standards for the production of live events.

If you are a working professional in the entertainment, sports, leisure and event marketing industry, we welcome you and would like you to join us in our mission to make all events a safer place.



Promote the “Life Safety First” mindset as the industry’s number one priority by welcoming all interested persons, regardless of affiliation, to join us in making a collective effort to improve life safety awareness and application in our industry.  Manage the collection process of known “best practices” including those set forth in documents e.g. the HSE Event Safety Guide (“The Purple Guide”) to create a ‘best practices manual’ for persons producing events in the United States, “The Event Safety Guide US”. Consult with government and industry leaders to find the best strategies for training, certification and inspection practices for the industry.
The ESA is a living organization under constant evolution to ensure everyone has the chance to participate on the work being done. 


  • Join the group. You dictate your level of participation and contributions to the task at hand. The only pressure you will receive will be from yourself.
  • Support and promote the organization and the initiative.
  • While participation in drafting “The Event Safety Guide - US” is not mandatory, if you are inclined to share your knowledge and expertise on the wide range of  subjects in the guide, notify the ESA team and you will be contacted in short order and given that opportunity.
  • If you are a key influencer, consider setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself and those around you to improve safety in your environment and in the industry. There are many resources available to assist you in determining how to mediate the risks in your situation, if you need help finding one- we can help.
  • Be patient and vigilant, change takes time. The industry will embrace the “Life Safety First” mindset at it’s own pace. It is only through day-in and day-out persistence that true change can occur.
  • Be safety aware and safety prepared.
  • This bullet left ‘blank’ for you to fill in because only you can determine what your next step should be.

This is a massive undertaking, intended to be transparent and ALL inclusive, it is our mandate to give each individual the opportunity to participate in the process and take part in the peer review that will complete this long overdue work. EVERYONE will have the ability to review and comment on the work and the process as we move forward.

Thank you for your participation... YOU are the Event Safety Alliance!

Visit the ESA website...



Brown United Contracts with WDT for Event Safety

Brown United has just engaged the services of Weather Decision Technologies in the interest of life safety.

Keeping their crews and those attending their events informed and protected with the help of the advanced technologies available through WDT. If you're a decision maker producing outdoor events enlisting the services of a private meteorological service is just plain smart.


Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance is a group of entertainment industry leaders gathered to address the immediate need for universal safety standards for the production of live events.

Recent tragic events around the globe relating to structural collapses at entertainment venues have made it apparent that a clearly defined set of systems is long overdue within our industry. This Ad Hoc Group, comprised of a few industry leaders, was formed to address the immediate need for universal language with regards to outdoor staging, access to information and guidelines as relates to every aspect of these events.

Click here to read the "Requirements for Outdoor Event Structures"

Our Mission is to unite the live event industry for the purpose of assembling key technical and production information which can be used to establish formal guidelines to improve safety at live events across the United States.


Email: info@eventsafetyalliance.org

To receive email updates and join our organization, click here.

Mailing Address

1101 Music Lane, Unit 340
Austin, TX 78704

Visit the website: www.eventsafetyalliance.org

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