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    About Supported Scaffolding

    Supported scaffolds consist of one or more platforms supported by outrigger beams, brackets, poles, legs, uprights, posts, frames, or similar rigid support. Because frame scaffolds are the most common type of supported scaffold, we use the Frame module to describe requirements that are common to all supported scaffolds.

    Brown United scaffolds can be customized to conform to all of your needs. Our scaffolding is versatile and can support ramps and extreme skateboarding to sound equipment for concerts as well as shoring and access for construction.



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    Frame Scaffold or Fabricated Frame: Platform(s) supported on fabricated end frames with integral posts, horizontal bearers, and intermediate members.

    Manually Propelled/Mobile: Unpowered, portable, caster- or wheel-mounted supported scaffold.

    Pump Jack: Platform supported by vertical poles and movable support brackets.

    Ladder Jack: Platform resting on brackets attached to ladders.

    Tube and Coupler: Platform(s) supported by tubing, erected with coupling devices connecting uprights, braces, bearers, and runners.

    Pole: Posts with fixed connection points that accept runners, bearers, and diagonals that can be interconnected at predetermined levels.

    Specialty: Scaffold types designed for a narrow and very specific range of applications. Includes plasterers', decorators', and other large-area scaffolds; bricklayers' square scaffolds; horse scaffolds; outrigger scaffolds; step, platform, and trestle ladder scaffolds; form and carpenter's bracket scaffolds; window jack scaffolds; crawling boards and chicken ladders; and roof bracket scaffolds.

    Click Here to see pictures of Brown United Scaffolding Projects

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