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About Bleachers, Audience Risers, and Grandstand Seating

BLEACHERS-8lg.jpgAccording to Wikipedia, Bleachers is a term used to describe the raised, tiered stands found by sports fields or at other spectator events in the United States, Canada and, less often, the United Kingdom.

Bleachers are long rows of benches, often consisting of alternating steps and seats. They range in size from small, modular, aluminum stands that can be moved around soccer or field hockey fields to large permanent structures that flank either side of an American football field. Bleachers are hollow underneath, aside from their support structures. Some bleachers have locker rooms underneath them. In indoor gymnasia, bleachers can be built in so that they slide on a track or on wheels and fold in an accordion-like, stacking manner. The seats of these bleachers are often made of wood. BLEACHERS-16.jpg

Brown United is one of the top providers of permanent and temporary bleachers, concert stages, audience risers, and other grandstand seating; roofing, barricades, theater seats, sound stages, and scaffolding. Aluminum bleachers, and grandstands seating construction are our signature products and services. 

We would love to give you a free quote for your project! Call us today at 1-800-44-BROWN.


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wow!!! thank u very much for all this information. Keep on supplying such useful information. It really is interesting.

Oct 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMark

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