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2008 Winter X Games - EXPN

Click the X Games picture to read more about the upcoming Winter X GamesThe Winter X Games is, as described by EXPN (2008), a competition compiled of the greatest winter action sport athletes from around the world, all competing for medals (gold, silver, bronze) and prize money on an annual basis.

The competition contains day and evening events including skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.  Since 2002 the Winter X Games have been held at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, and according to ESPN they will continue to be held there through 2010.

Brown United is a supplier of a  variety of structures for both the (recently completed) Summer X Games and Upcoming Winter X Games, including Bridges, Ramps, Barricades, Trusses, Scaffolds and Bleachers.

2008 Winter Sports Include:

Skiing, Skier X, Slopestyle, SuperPipe,  Big Air, Monoskier X (mixed-gender), Snowboarding, Slopestyle, Snowboarder X, SuperPipe, Best Trick, Snowmobiling, Snocross, Freestyle, Speed & Style, and Snowskating.

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