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     Brown United is dedicated to providing the best available structural products and services to the Entertainment, Sports, Special Event and Corporate industries through research and development of new products and thorough training of talented and motivated personnel.

    How Can Brown United Help You?  

    Staging Success

    By Michael Dean Clark
    Staff Writer for the Star News

    John Brown has shared a stage with the likes of Elton John, Garth Brooks and Billy Graham, but he's not an evangelist or a professional musician. Nevertheless, those celebrities and many others have stood on stages designed and maintained by his company, Brown United. Brown has become a regular choice for the sporting industry, television studios and permanent venue builders.

    To attract such customers, Brown has created a staging system that can be assembled quickly and can accommodate the numerous variations requested by his clients.

    The expense of building the stage is recouped over the course of several years, thus the need for adaptability. Fortunately for Brown, filling up his schedule has not been a problem lately, as his company is averaging about 800 events a year.

    Brown got his start at the age of 14 when he went to work for his father’s scaffolding business. It was through those experiences, along with his touring experience with Rolling Stones and the Eagles in 1977, that he was sold on making a career of the temporary structure industry.


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